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What is a Mesotherapy Treatment?

Our Meso Beauty Glow treatment combines the benefits of skin needling together with Mesotherapy. After your skin needling treatment, sometimes referred to as a vampire facial, whereby dozens of tiny micro needles are rolled across the skin, your skin can appear red for a few hours following the treatment. In order to reduce this redness and reduce recovery time after your vampire facial the Meso formula is applied to rejuvenate, hydrate and plump up the skin.  The skin will feel smoother, fresher and more vibrant as a result. The benefits of Mesotherapy treatment include:

    • Treats pigmentation
    • Anti ageing benefits
    • Plumps up skin
    • Hydrates the skin
    • Improves sun damaged skin
    • Stretch mark reduction/removal
    • Scar reduction/removal
    • Reduces redness

Why choose Nirvana Beauty?

Your treatment will take place in a serene and relaxing environment guaranteed to put you at ease and alleviate your worries. Our highly trained and experienced staff will take you through the procedure, answering all your questions and making sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. We will also provide you with the very best of aftercare, so you can enjoy your new youthful look to the full straight away.

We care about your appearance and can be trusted to give you the best possible care, using top-of-the-range equipment and the very latest techniques. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about the vampire facial treatment – Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics will do everything possible to build your confidence and give you the younger look you crave!

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