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Laser Hair Removal

What you need to know about Laser/IPL Hair reduction. How much do you really know about laser hair removal? Are you aware of the technical difference between an IPL machine, the effectiveness, and side effects or whether it is right for you? Here is a quick guide on Laser Hair Removal:  IPL stands for Intense […]

Rejuvenate & Hydrate

We have what it takes to help you tackle your skin concerns, starting on the inside; we ensure you feel rejuvenated and radiant! Did you know that your skin thins out during the ageing process, and thinner skin leaves a person prone to dehydration which causes fine lines which turn into wrinkles? Here is what you need to know on hydration and its […]


If you have ever looked in the mirror after a fun day in the sun and looked closely at your face, you may have appeared older, but not necessarily having deeper facial lines or wrinkles. Chances are it’s likely to be uneven skin tone, dark spots – otherwise known as pigmentation So what is pigmentation? […]