Laser Rescue


Post laser treatment

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Cooling + Soothing
Post laser + waxing treatments
Our Laser Rescue contains Centella Asiatica.

Centella is known for the following benefits:
• Scar prevention and tissue healing
• Calming inflammation
• Cellulite reduction
• Wound healing
• Cooling and soothing
• Beneficial for Eczema
• Beneficial for Psoriasis

Studies have also shown that Centella may also be useful in the prevention of scars. Centella Asiatica has been effectively used in the treatment of second-third degree burns as it prevented or limited shrinking or swelling of the skin caused by infection. It also was effective in the prevention of scar tissue formation, promotion of skin healing processes, and decreased fibrosis. Centellas ability to enhance connective tissue structure and reduce sclerosis means it is also aids the treatment of cellulite.
Laser Rescue can be used post laser and waxing treatments. It is great for sunburnt skin and leaves skin feeling cool, calmed and hydrated. A miracle gel!
How to Use
Massage lightly into treated areas four times daily for four days post laser treatment. Use under day or night cream to sooth the skin. Apply as often as needed. For use in cellulite reduction, massage into effected area after showering.FABUFEEL Radiance Serum
FABUFEEL’s wonder ingredient is hyaluronic acid, it locks in moisture and transforms the skin to feel smoother and hold a dramatically more youthful appearance.
Great for all skin types, can be used on dry lips as it is super hydrating, the serum gives radiance and glow to skin.

How To Use
Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening followed with a moisturiser. Also ideal as a make-up primer.