Mesotherapy skin rejuvenation treatment


Mesotherapy – The Meso Beauty Glow!

Achieve more relaxed, youthful, and vibrant looking skin with Nirvana Beautys’ Meso Glow treatment. This technique which combines the benefits of skin needling together with Mesotherapy. It required dozens of small needles to deliver the treatment directly into the skin and is then combined with an injectable formulated to hydrate the skin. This powerful skin hydrator is applies after a skin-needlign process and will plump up the area of treatment, providing a boost to tired skin leaving skin rejuvenated on the immediate delivery of powerful elements to nurture skin, delaying signs of aging.

The skin feels more vibrant ’smoother’ and ‘fresher’ which stimulate a healing response and may, by itself, generate local-growth of collagen and other healing components.

What is MESO GLOW and what does it do? 

This treatment has proven to give amazing results for:

  • Scarring anywhere on the face or body
  • Even out skin tone great for pigmentation
  • Stimulate collagen production plump up skin – Drooping facial shape (due to a decrease in collagen)
  • Antiaging  Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dull skin colour (due to less blood flow
  • Skin feels dehydrated, and slightly rough
  • Many more benefits to the skin

Read about Mesotherapy HERE or visit our FAQs