Get any of these Packaged treatments for ONLY $199 each!!!

-x6 MICRODERMABRASIONS $199 (was $660)
– x2 COOLIFT $199 (was $398)
– x2 NEW YORK FACIALS $199 (was $298)
– x2 PAYOT/O-COSMEDICS FACIALS $199 (was $338)

Choose between our wide range of facials on offer. Our facials fall under the following categories:

* Payot Facials
*O-cosmedics Facials
*Microdermabrasion facials
*New York Facial

Nirvana facial treatments



New York Facial is the newest generation in facial treatments. It is the only 3-in-1 Super Facial
exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate all in one treatment. For skin exfoliation improving skin oxygen levels via oxygenation
and infusion of valuable ingredients to enrich the skin layers –  all the things skin loves!

3-in-1 therapy. Betterresults.

*Plump and hydrate

* Restore skin volume

*Renew youthful glow

*Revitalize dull complexion

* Reduce appearance of wrinkles

*Firm skin and tighten pores

*Improve skin cell production

*Reduce appearance of pigmentation

Safe for ANY skin type!

Your skin will come to life and feel smoother and look more radiant immediately. Results are seen after only one treatment.

Watch this video to learn more about The NYC Facial:

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Facials: The Perfect Beauty Treatment for Every Type of Skin

A facial does for your face what a massage does for your body. It revitalises your skin and improves its health.
The right facial for you depends on your reason for getting one. You might want to look younger,
feel more energised, or feel pampered. That’s why Nirvana Beauty offers several choices for a facial treatment in Sydney.

The Benefits of Facials

Although there are different types of facials, each one accomplishes a few things.
A facial treatment is made up of multiple steps, with each one being important for achieving your skin care goals.
The steps of our facials work to deep clean, add moisture, exfoliate, and add nutrients.
Facials can reduce the signs of aging, minimise the appearance of scars and blemishes, and provide your skin with overall health and wellness.

When choosing a type of facial treatment, you’ll want to look at what your skin needs based on your skin type.
Skin types go beyond differences in moisture. As skin ages, it loses the natural
hydration and elasticity that make it appear plump and firm. Age isn’t the only factor that causes dry skin.
Many men and women suffer from the irregular appearance of dry skin their entire lives.
We use ingredients that nourish dry skin or add collagen for better hydration and nutrition.

People with oily skin have more than surface oil and dirt to contend with. Deep cleansing products help
to clean pores and give skin better texture overall. For those who have scars because of acne,
regular facials and supportive skin treatments can restore the appearance of their skin and improve its appearance.

Oxygenating helps to plump up skin and adds lift to skin that has started to sag.
It also helps to fill out fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful glow.

Anyone at any age can have sensitive skin, in addition to other skin concerns.
Redness and dull-looking skin are all treatable with the right facial.
A successful facial answers the client’s concerns without causing any additional issues.
Nirvana Beauty always strives to give you the best possible outcome from your facial treatment.

Before & After Images

1. Payot Facial with magic eye cream Payot Perform Lift2. Deluxe Payot Facial with add on Lift Absolu 3. Payot Facial with dehydration mask