30min | ALL SKIN TYPES | $60

A skin care treatment designed for busy people to provide maximum results in a minimum amount of time.
Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliate and soothing mask and followed by moisturiser.
Ideal as a revitaliser and a perfect introduction to facial treatments.


60min | ALL SKIN TYPES  |  $110

Beginning with a sensory journey and balancing moves for your mind, spirit and soul,
this facial will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and renewed.
Customised specific to your skin needs, including facial& neck, your Skin will feel energised and refreshed.

Choose as an add on $40 – $50

Radiance – Eclat Essential: A unique, playful and delicious facial: a treatment containing a peel-off mask, for a moment of well-being and an immediate enhanced beauty. An energising care thanks to the superfruits power. The skin is illuminated and recovers softness and radiance for an immediate healthy look.

Collagen – Hydration Essential: An immediate soothing, hydrating and plumping mask for all skins using a specialised mask to infuse and draw moisture within the skin.

Nourishing – Nutrition Essential: A nutritive care facial that brings suppleness and softness, to soothe dry skins in lack of comfort. Immediately, the skin is soft and plumped. The complexion is luminous, the radiance is revived.

Deep Cleansing – Purete Essential: Purifying, balancing for combination or oily skin, combining a heating scrub with a peel-off mask to perfectly purify the skin.

Sensitive – Douceur Essential: This soothing mask relieves sensations of discomfort and eliminates redness to restore soft skin and a sense of well-being.

Lifting – Lift Absolu: A unique treatment that instantly and visibly fixes the loss of firmness and elasticity, to restore the volume and tot lift the face and neck contours.To visibly firm the skin and provide an immediate tightening effect.

Oxygenating – Detox Absolu: A magnet mask, high precision oxygenating and detoxifying, treatment, designed to stimulate micro-circulation and provide essential anti-oxidant protection. The skin revealed with be luminous, perfected and radiant

Fine Lines – Liss Absolu: An immediate “new skin” effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smoothes deep wrinkles and fine lines. The rebalancing mask restores the skin’s pH for an amazing rejuvenating effect.

Brightening – Supreme Experience: Act simultaneously on wrinkles, slackening skin, dull complexion and dark spots. A pearl scrub to refine and brighten, a mask with silver pigments to reduce the effects of ageing. A complete treatment for a truly exceptional experience.

Before & After Images

1. Payot Facial with magic eye cream Payot Perform Lift

2. Deluxe Payot Facial with add on Lift Absolu

3. Payot Facial with dehydration mask