Ipl Photo Rejuvenation Facial Treatment




The light energy introduced during Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment accelerates natural renewal of the skin cells and visibly reduces the redness and dark patches caused by ageing.

Developments in science and technology have enabled us to take a whole new look at the
process of skin aging, its causes and treatments. New research has led to the development of a unique skin rejuvenation treatment using Adena SPL/IPL technology.

An innovative combination of Light and Heat Energy – SPL/IPL treats sun damage, vascular lesions, fine lines and other manifestations of aging skin. A SPL/IPL Hair treatment is safe, painless and has no harmful side effects.

How it Works

To reverse sun damage and remove lesions like age spots and spider veins, SPL/IPL emits a very low and ultra-safe wave of light. The Light generates Heat that is drawn to the darker pigmentation in the targeted lesions. The Heat then raises the temperature inside the lesions, thereby damaging it.

The body’s natural healing process works to remove the lesions, which then simply scabs and drops off or is absorbed in the skin. To treat fine lines and wrinkles SPL/IPL employs a similar Light and Heat procedure.

By initiating a natural wound healing process, SPL/IPL cause the rebuilding of new collagen under the outer layer of the skin, tightening the skin and smoothing out fine lines
and wrinkles.



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